Dungeon Universalis

We left our lethargy to present a game that we just heard about. The damn goblins of our information service do not work properly and we had not heard before this game. They say they tried to wake us up but surely they lie like dirty green skin they are.

Either way, the fact is that there is a new dungeon crawling game: Dungeon Universalis.

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Black Chapel novelties

I confess I do not know this Spanish brand and also have to confess to having seen some of his miniatures I’ve fallen in love with them.

Black Chapel designs and sells  white metal fantasy miniature at  heroic scale (approximately 30 mm) with which we are valid for our dungeoneering, skirmish and battle games.

First I saw a newa batch of dwarves

The Jarl of Northern Dwarfs and the Watcher of Northern Dwarfs are very good figures: detailed and very nice with classic poses. But I would emphasize the Axe Thrower. First because it is not a weapon that we see very often and second because the model transmits a sensation of agility and quickness very rare to see a dwarf, has a very dynamic and extremely attractive pose.

I love it..


But then something even more unexpected happened. They showed some  elves…  And I like them!


And I do not usually like anything the elves. GW has created a bad school in this regard. But these elves have a really wild look that won me over. As good forest elves are lightly equipped, with partial armor and much of the skin exposed have every aspect of barbarians of pointed ears.

Special mention deserves the figure of the claw-blades.


A brand to keep in mind.

Star Saga Alpha

Yesterday began the Star Saga crowfunding campaign  and, as expected, was a great success.

In just one hour they had raised enough money to finance the game and an one hour later had unlocked the first additional goal, a pack of scenery.

A few hours later the second: a new mercenary to be used as a character. A kind of energy vampire capable to absorb enemy energy to heal herself or heal their companions.


And that in a few hours. How far we will arrive in 24 days left?

In addition Mantic published an alpha version of the rules for testing and criticizing. You want to try? Here you have

I’ve already taken a look at them and I liked a lot. They are based on the rules of Dungeon Saga but have some important differences as the use of special dice and differences in rules for combat at a distance. This, as expected, is far more important than DS and has interesting rules such as the “pot shots”: the character out briefly at your coverage to make a shot and take cover again.

Another important difference is the Reinforcements. The Nexus (the opponent, the villain, whatever you want to call it) is not limited by the minis that is at stake but can go calling reinforcements. With a little luck can turn into a bloodbath.

Terminals are also an important point. Through these characters can unlock doors or even disable the arrival area of reinforcements in addition to more extravagant uses depending on the scenario.

Finally one thing that many claimed in DS, the ability to search loot rooms to scavenge equipment and armament.

My conclusion after these alpha rules is quite satisfactory.

A Star Saga sneak peek

Here I bring you news to Star Saga


You have to treat this information with caution because, until they officially start the crowfunding, this is unofficial although comes from the same Mantic.

The contents of the core box will include:

  • The Rulebook featuring tutorials and basic mechanics for novices, as well as expanded rules for veteran players.
  • The Eiras Contract Mission Book with 10 narrative adventures, two intro missions, character bios and the story behind Eiras.
  • High Quality Card Sheets with floor tiles and counters
  • Four Character cards
  • More than 100 Game Cards for equipment, skills, and all the powers of the Nexus player.
  • A Selection of Custom Dice
  • 31 Highly Detailed Miniatures including:
    • Four Mercenary Heroes
    • Three Bosses
    • 24 Minions
  • plus loads of scenery

The campaign this time has only one pledge level, which will be priced at $130.00 USD.

What includes?

The contents of the core pledge includes the CORE STAR SAGA BOX GAME, the STAR SAGA MISSION CREATOR expansion, the STAR SAGA CHARACTER CREATOR expansion, KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE art print and  exclusive Blaine, as usual.

In this article you have some of the pictures with of the miniatures renderings we could find.


What do you think?

Painting tray

One problem that many have is the lack of a space dedicated to painting.

When I see the studios / workshops or whatever you want to call them the site of certain painters to paint envy corrodes me. Large tables, shelves full of paint cans more tones of the than the human eye can distinguish, tools, brushes … but above all: Space.

I can not say the same, I do not have a site that can dedicate to paint, a place where I can leave exposed the models until I finish them. I have no alternative but to collect all the gear each time I finish, which often takes longer to settle and collect that painting itself.

So I have always caught my attention paint tables, or more properly paint trays as they allow you to have a small mobile painting workshop easy to pick up..

Therefore I decided to acquire one and I have to say I’m delighted with the experience.

It is a paint tray made from MDF 3 mm laser cut (I love the smell of burning wood that follows the MDF). This comes in several pieces that must be assembled using wood glue (white glue is best)

The package where it came. Flat, easy to transport.
In my case the Bandua brand. I’m pretty happy with the tray but there are many brands, not only this.
The pieces, either close together in the package
It has few parts and no assembly instructions but not need of them.
The assembled tray. Stuck with white glue.
With a few pots of Vallejo, some brushes and the next project.

Looking ahead to pick a paint tray is important to look at the holes for paint pots, if it has them. In my case I chose one in which  Vallejo / Andrea / Army Painter pots can be used because are the paints I use. If you use Citadel or Tamiya paints or other brand you have to find one that suits these pots.

I have liked much the holes that have for brushes. Has some larger than others holes and allow the use with brushes with a really thick or oddly shaped handle. I’ve gotten a triangular handle Army Painter without any problems.

Now I’m running out of excuses not to paint.

Star Saga, new Mantic Kickstarter

This weekend Mantic has announced what many suspected for some time.


Mantic launches a new game to market, again using Kickstarter crowfunding platform . The campaign will start on September 26 and is likely to be a success again. Why do I say this? Because Mantic, over the years, he has shown great skill in getting far superior to the necessary revenues at patronage campaigns, and that have allowed it to launch both the game and its expansions In a single campaign! And they know what we like and we give it: tons of miniatures.

And what is Star Saga?

As the name tells it is the spiritual heir of Dungeon Saga but in space. It is a game space dungeoneering.

STAR SAGA will see players guide a team of space mercenaries on a mission to retrieve stolen data plans from a research facility orbiting a far-off alien world. Players will take on platoons of minions, powerful alien bosses and be forced to make difficult choices as the story takes unexpected twists and turns.  Further campaigns and expansions will utilize the full scope of the science fiction settings, from space stations and starships to alien worlds and beyond.


From Mantic we warn that is not simply an adaptation of Dungeon Saga to the universe of Warpath. They have extensively revised the rules to adapt to an environment of science fiction and to change the way we played, especially the Nexus (What’s the Dungeon Saga Overlord ). It will also be from the same core game the way to improve characters from experience without the need for supplements. A point in his favor, progress on the basic of Dungeon Saga is … rough.

The campaign starts on September 26 and last 25 days.

And I have already convinced.


Aventuras en la Marca del Este Miniature Game Cover

From the blog Aventuras en la Marca del Este (Adventures in the East Mark) comes a new advance about their miniatures game. It is not a report on the state of development, nor the sculpted his miniatures.

They tell us that continue the testing of the rules and bring us that will probably is the cover image. It is a new iteration of the iconic image of a warrior fighting a dragon.

The image is a work of Manzanedo and, as usual, shows great quality.

We keep reporting.

Miniature Holders & Grips for painting and sculpting

I bring you a patronage campaign through Kickstarter platform that seeks funds for making some curious tools. What tools? This holders and grips are designed to hold a model without having to touch it, that way we avoid spoiling the paint or leave stains of sweat and fat in it.

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